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Oregon's Preschool Expansion

Washington County Early Learning Hub

Our work focused on identifying the priority populations and risk factors that are most prevalent in Washington County and exploring the relationship between them. Results supported the identification of communities with a disproportionate number of risk factors or high concentration of priority populations.

Four Rivers Early Learning Hub (4RELH) & South Central Early Learning Hub

We are conducting a landscape analysis of the early learning services in both Hubs from the vantage point of providers, parents, and school districts. In conjunction with our analysis of demographic and kindergarten readiness data, the information will be used to guide strategic planning for the Hubs' multi-county regions.

What we offer:

  • An understanding of the objectives of Oregon's Preschool Development Grant. 

  • A staff with extensive experience in PreK - College education program evaluation. 

  • Local consultants who can meet your staff and community where you are. 

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