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Lexi, Strasburg, PhD

Research Associate 2

Dr. Lexi Strasburg is a Research Associate 2 at Pacific Research and Evaluation. Lexi received her doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology from Saint Louis University with a concentration in quantitative methods. She has over six years of experience in conducting organizational research, serving in both internal and external consulting roles in a variety of industries. Lexi has expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods and in various content areas relevant to talent management and organization development, including employee engagement, performance reviews, succession planning, and mentoring. Before joining PRE, Lexi worked in a people analytics role at Centene Corporation, where she was a close partner to the Talent Management team and HR leadership. In this role, Lexi led numerous organizational research projects, conducted complex analyses, prepared informative reports and visualizations, and translated research findings to organizational leaders, enabling the organization to leverage workforce data to inform talent strategy. Lexi is a passionate consultant that seeks opportunities to improve organizational outcomes and employee experiences through data-driven organizational research.

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