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Department of Education Title III and Title V Grant Evaluation

Why work with PRE?

Experience with 14 Title III and Title V Grant Evaluations

PRE has designed and conducted evaluations for 10 ED Title III grant projects and four ED Title V grant projects over the last 5 years. As a result, PRE is very familiar with ED regulations and requirements and can assist our clients in navigating the delays and roadblocks that often occur when administering these federally funded projects. Read more about our Title III/V experience. 

A Focus on Continuous Program Improvement

PRE is passionate about participatory research in all of our projects including Title III and Title V grant evaluations. Our research is participatory and utilization focused with a goal of collecting formative data to inform continuous program improvement. View an example of a Title V student survey presentation. 

High Quality Deliverables

We are skilled in presenting data and evaluation results in formats that are accessible and useful to program stakeholders and other interested readers. Reports produced by PRE are visually appealing, and incorporate data visualization best practices. We make every effort to create reports that are both comprehensive and concise. View an example of a Title III Interview Report and Title V Final Evaluation Report.

Equity Focused Evaluation

PRE is committed to conducting culturally responsive research, which is particularly relevant for Title V Hispanic Serving Institution grants.  Culturally responsive research takes into account the culture of the program and examines impact through a lens in which the culture of participants is a key factor. This approach rejects the notion that assessments must be objective and culture-free. We practice cultural humility by prioritizing self-reflection and a posture of learning in our research efforts.

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